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Viken Law Firm takes pride in providing South Dakota families with the opportunity to resolve disputes in a cordial fashion that benefits the parties and their families. The law firm also offers family law arbitration as a means of resolving disputes. Linda Lea Viken is known for her expertise and her over 40 years of experience in family law which enables her to help divorcing spouses and separating parents come to a peaceful resolution of their disagreements. Linda Lea has a Martindale Hubble AV Preeminent Rating, the highest rating possible, and is rated as a Best and a Super Lawyer Linda Lea has a 10 rating with AVVO.




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Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Mediation permits you to resolve difficult issues without going to court where a judge decides the issues in your broken relationship in a public trial.

The mediation process is designed to give you the opportunity to fully and confidentially discuss alternatives to resolve your most important life issues.  With a mediator’s professional assistance, you can achieve long term outcomes which are positive rather than have a judge impose rulings on you.

Going to court can be a lose-lose situation.  In a family law trial, a judge will make critical decisions for you and for your family’s future.  Reaching a mutual agreement by resolving your issues through mediation is much less time consuming, traumatic and expensive.

During the mediation process, you will learn to communicate in cooperative ways after the breakdown of a relationship.  When the custody of children is involved, reaching a mutual agreement for their wellbeing will reduce their stress during this challenging time in your family’s life.

Mediation is a strictly confidential process.  If agreement cannot be reached, the judge in your case will not be told about offers you made or positions you took during mediation.


When it comes to family law, experience and expertise make all the difference.  

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