What to Expect

Mediator's Role

The role of a Mediator is not to make decisions for the participants, but rather to help them come to an agreement that they both can accept. A Mediator is not an advocate for either of the participants (but will be for their children).

First Contact

If you are interested in mediation as an option, please contact our Viken Law Firm to set up a date for the mediation. The mediation may be just for custody and parenting time issues, or it may be to resolve a divorce involving property distribution as well as support issues. After a mediation date has been selected, you will receive correspondence requesting you provide certain confidential information to Linda Lea about a week before the scheduled meeting so that she can be better prepared to help you come to an agreement.

The Mediation

On the date of the mediation, both parties will meet with Linda Lea either at her office, or at a law office of one of the participant’s lawyer. If it is a custody/parenting time issue, normally the attorneys would not be present. If it is a full divorce, and the parties have attorneys, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the attorneys would be present and participate. Linda Lea will use her experience and expertise in family law to help the parties reach a peaceful agreement. When an agreement is reached, it will be put it into a written form which will be reviewed with the participants. If it matches their agreement, the parties will both sign the document. That document can then be used by the parties to obtain a court order.

When it comes to family law, experience and expertise make all the difference.  

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